- Using drama to educate others on sexual assault

Interactive Theatre programs, like "every 5 minutes" in Syracuse, NY and St. Paul, MN, use theatre as a means to open discussion and engage people who would normally zone out. It's able to challenge personal and societal beliefs by creating three-dimensional characters that can't be ignored or tuned out like videos. The situations in the scenes are real, explicit, and disturbing - and it works.
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The majority of these articles are reprinted without permission - I am hoping that the authors and publishers are full of goodwill and understand that this is for educational purposes - and all due credit available will be given to them. I will pull any article, out of respect to the author/publisher, if requested to.

These articles do not specifically deal with interactive theatre, as those in the Library do, but are good resources for dealing with issues we need to bring up as actors and as educators.

(+)After The Assault. An excellent resource on going through experiences, feelings, questions, and situations of what can happen after an assault takes place. This deals primarily with medical and legal questions, and is very complete.

(+)Alcohol and Rape: What's the Connection. This is an adaptation from "Acquaintance Rape and Alcohol Consumption on College Campuses" by Antonia Abbey, PhD.

(+)Anoka County Attorney Training Update (Rohypnol). This is a short paper that gives a very straightforward account of what Rohypnol is, what is does, what it looks like, how to test for it, etc. Designed for law enforcement officials, this is also an excellent resource for crisis workers and educators.

NewBorn to Rape? It often seems that the easy way to get a lot of publicity is to write a book bashing feminists. In the case of "A Natural History of Rape: The Biological Basis of Sexual Coercion"; it makes the claim that rape is natural (although still bad because then we'd never get published). This excellent article by Margaret Wertheim in pokes holes in the arguments proposed by these Evolutionary Psychologists. Like Katie Roiphie (see review, "Not Just Bad Sex"), if this book gets bandied about, its important enough to read, to understand their arguements, and then counter them.

(+)Burnout. From the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault Training Manual: "There are no simple prescriptions or recipes to avoid or to heal burnout. Just as every victim has their own pattern of recovery and healing, so even counselor has unique possibilities for regaining energy and interest." Since acting is an emotional sport, burning-out is a major problem if you don't take care of yourself.

(+)Condensed University R.A.P.E. Center Statistics for July 1993 to June 1994. Syracuse University is somewhat unique that they have an on campus rape crisis center. While they do keep statistics, it is very general to protect the privacy of the individuals. I've condensed it further to simplify the number, the type, and actions taken. This is very helpful when you see Security Department statistics with one or no assaults for the last five years (like SU).

(+)Cultural Competency by Bonnie Clairmont. When we perform Shakespeare, we assume the audience knows the time period and some of the nuances we will present to them. With educational theatre, we can make no assumptions; either with the audience, or the message(s) we're presenting. In order to be effective, we need to continually make sure we're making sense to our audience.

(+)Did an AIDS Peer Education Program Change First-Year College Students' Behaviors? At the present, there's very little academic research on theatre as an educational tool. Most of what I did was based on the peer education model, which interactive theatre can be a part of. This is one example of research on peer education.

(+)Feelings a Sexual Assault Survivor May Experience. Ithaca (NY) Rape Crisis compiled this list for their advocates, but it's also extremely useful in theatre situations.

(+)History of Sexual Assault. From the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault's training manual.

(+)I Raped A Woman. An anonymous story by a perpetrator explaining his actions and motivations. This story is disturbing, but excellent (especially if playing a perpetrator). This always has been a story that touched me, because he realized what he had done and modified his attitudes. Hopefully, he's doing more to make up for what he has done.

(+)Men on Rape. An excerpt from the book. The section is aimed dually for men, and about men.

(+)Not Just Bad Sex. This is a review of Katie Roiphe's "The Morning After: Sex, Fear and Feminism." This (and Roiphe's book) is a good read to be ready for the arguments people will bring up to educators in the course of their work.

(+)Out Of Bounds: The Truth About Athletes and Rape. This is sort of a basic primer on athletics and gang rape. Quite a bit of it is applicable to the U.S.'s glorification of athletics and how it affects U.S. society. By Jill Neimark.

(+)Power, Anger and Sadistic Rape. Information from Men Who Rape by Nicholas Groth. A breakdown of types of rapists.

(+)Rohypnol and other "Date Rape Drugs. This is an excellent article that was emailed via the Abagail's List listserv. In addition to Rohypnol, there is information on other drugs that have been used to aid in sexual assaults.

(+)Secondary Victims. Friends and relatives are often forgotten by, well, everyone. This is an excellent article published by the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault for their member programs. By Tracy Sheeley.

(+)Silent Victims: Bring Male Rape Out of the Closet. By Sue Rochman. Society doesn't seem to recognize men as being victims of rape and sexual assault, and yet it happens - probably more than we think. A good analysis of myths, situations, and politics of male rape.

(+)A Litany For Survival. Audre Lorde - I heard this read in a performance a few years back, and it has been in my head ever since. Interactive theatre can be more than just scenes.

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